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07-379 Rubco clear with dark violet core (630)

90% Polyurethane 10% Polyester

Nm 2.5 2.500 m / kg 4000 dtex

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The yarn consists a core of a dark violet polyester thread coated with transparent polyurethane.
Thermoplastic polyurethane = PVC-free + plasticizer-free

Color: Dark violet / transparent
Wash: washable at 40-50 degrees, wash it gently depending on method of construction.


Rubco is particularly suitable for: weaving, crochet, macramé, hand knitting, etc.

Textiles in rubco can be used for carpets, fabrics for furniture, bags, wall art, placemats, cushions for garden chairs ...

Rubco is suitable for outdoor move as well as indoor use.

The polyurethane in Rubcoen has a melting point about 170-185 degrees.

The constructed Rubco can be melted between two layers of wax paper with transfer presses or iron.

The image of the red Rubco is crocheted by Rubco red 07-400, then melted.
Experiment from LAB12 performed by Marianne Johnstad-Moller

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1 stk. in stock.1 stk. in stock.
text_Product_Weight 800 gr.
Varenummer 07-379 -630

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