The Yarn Purchasing Association of 1998 is a non-profit organisation and requires a membership.

News summer 2019

Summer Closing 2019

The Yarn Purchasing Assosiation holds the summer closing from July 12th until July 28th.

The last order before the summer closing is July 10th. We wish you all a nice summer.

News: 07-340 Corneta MX Transparent is on the stock. 

07-390 Rubco black Nm 0,26, 07-386 Rubco black Nm 1,5, 07-365 Rubco black Nm 2,5

and 07-404 Rubco stainless steel light grey will be coming soon to the stock.



The beautiful yarns are now available in small hanks/cones. 

Cotton 1mm og 3 mm (02-001-00/02 and 02-003-00/02) i 100 gr. hanks, Wool Alpaka (17-001-00/02/10) in 50 g,

Cotton/Polyester Band (27-001-12) i 200 gr. 
and Polyester Tubeyarn (72-001-12) in 100 gr. hanks.

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