The Yarn Purchasing Association of 1998 is a non-profit organisation and requires a membership.

News summer 2019

We are opened the yarn stock again after summer closing.

The Yarn Purchasing Association of 1998 is preparing a new yarn sample 2019.

You can look forward to the inspiring and interesting yarns!

News: 07-340 Corneta MX Transparent is on the stock. 

07-390 Rubco black Nm 0,26, 07-386 Rubco black Nm 1,5, 07-365 Rubco black Nm 2,5

and 07-404 Rubco stainless steel light grey will be coming soon to the stock.



The beautiful yarns are now available in small hanks/cones. 

Cotton 1mm og 3 mm (02-001-00/02 and 02-003-00/02) i 100 gr. hanks, Wool Alpaka (17-001-00/02/10) in 50 g,

Cotton/Polyester Band (27-001-12) i 200 gr. 
and Polyester Tubeyarn (72-001-12) in 100 gr. hanks.

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