About the Association

A Danish yarn purchasing association has been founded by a group of Danish textile designers. The Association is a non-profit organisation that requires a membership. The first general meeting took place in Copenhagen, at Gammel Dok Pakhus, on March 27, 1998, and since October 1998 members have been able to buy yarns through the Association. The Yarn Purchasing Association is directed towards textile designers, artists, textile artists, textile education and textile associations working with unique works or industrial product development or education. The aim is to promote the interests of its members as professional yarn users and in cooperation and dialogue with e.g. yarn manufacturers, seeks to expand opportunities for a unique yarn choice among our members. It can be both classic yarns, as well as completely new and untraditional with various technical features. The aim is thus to improve the foundation on which textile art and design may be created. Members are therefore most welcome to suggest which yarns should be available for sale through the Association. It is not the purpose of the Association to distribute yarns which are already available in the retail trade in Denmark. The Association now has about 300 members, mainly from Denmark and the Nordic region, but is also well represented in most of Europe, USA, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

The Association is organized with a board, purchasers, and a distributor. It is the Board that among other things decides, which yarns to be purchased, initiates exhibitions, produces yarn card in cooperation with members and other volunteers, and has an overview of the economic part of the Association. The Distributor of the Association has the primary contact with the members and management of web shop. Her mail is info@yarn.dk.

Members have the right to buy the Associations yarns and the possibility of suggesting which new yarns the Association should sell. As a member you will recieve a yarn book with all the current yarns. Members receive yarn sample cards, information from the Association and newsletters prepared by the Board. A member has the right to vote in the general meeting, including elections for the committee, which is in charge of the purchase of yarns for the Association, and may be elected to the committee. Further, there will be an annual subscription to be paid by all members. The size of this shall be decided by the general meeting. The Association also accepts members who live outside Denmark.

Teaching institutions offering textile courses may join as institutional members, but are obliged to keep contact to the Association through one person only, and in case that person is replaced, to keep the Association informed of this. An institutional membership counts as one member and one vote in the general meeting.

Registration at the Yarn Purchasing Association of 1998.
You can join the Association by registering on the webshop with your emailaddress. Hereafter you have to buy your membership on our webshop in order to purchase yarn. You only have to pay the entry fee once. The annual fee is to be paid every year between the 1st - 15th of January. The current members fee for addresses in Denmark is 1000 DKK and for addresses abroad 195 EURO.

The Yarn Purchasing Association of 1998
c/o Distributor Yoko Matsumoto, Ørsholtvej 62, DK-3000 Helsingør  |  info@yarn.dk  |  VAT no 20 83 12 78

Helle Rude Trolle  |  DK-København  |  yarn@yarn.dk

Committee 2018

Elke Reinholdt Nielsen  |  DK-København  |  elke_rn@yahoo.dk

Vice president
Vibeke Lindhardt  |  DK-Rungsted Kyst  |  vibeke.lindhardt@gmail.com  

Lisbeth Degn |  Dragevej 8, DK-4040 Jyllinge  |  lisbeth.degn@jensen.mail.dk

Anne Mette Larsen  |  DK-Silkeborg  |  mail@annemettelarsen.dk

Merete Erbou Laurent  |  DK-Nimtofte  |  merete_erbou@mail.dk

Anne Madsen  |  DK-Ringsted  |  anne.madsen@mail.tele.dk

Lise Troensegaard  |  DK-Næstved  |  lise@troensegaard.dk

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