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02-040 Cotton 100% re-cycling off white

95% Cotton 5% other fibers Nm 16/2
8.000 m/kg
Grams per cone: about 1000 gr.

Colour: Off-white

Quality Denim is a product obtained recycling the used denim cuts.
The vintage denim is cut removing zips and buttons only, then the pieces are reduced in fibres and put in production cycle again by spinning to this yarn.

This yarn is totally ecologic with no impact on the environment: the denim is not wasted but used again in a new production cycle, the fibers are not dyed as they keep their original colour, so no new chemical colours are used.

The yarn is suitable for machine knitting, hand knitting, weaving, crochet.

Washing: can withstand 60 °C, but consider washing program and degrees from your construction of the textile

5 pcs. in stock.5 pcs. in stock.
text_Product_Weight 1250 gr.
Varenummer 02-040

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