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06-045-01 Viscosebast White Semigloss

100 % Viscose Nm 8,2
8,200 m / kg
Grams per cone: about 2,200 gr.

Colour: White / Semigloss

Viscose Straw yarn is a flat, folded monofilament with a good strength. It can be used to achieve extraordinary effects and textures in all types of home fashion and furniture fabrics as well as applications in the area of women's apparel. Likewise, it is used in the manufacture of bags, hats, belts, and shoes. It is suitable for weaving, knitting, braiding and twisting.

Good colour absorption using direct dyestuff (substantive dyestuff) on hank or in piece.

Washing: Viscose straw yarn is washable at 40 °C and can also be dry cleaned

3 pcs. in stock.3 pcs. in stock.
text_Product_Weight 2200 gr.
Varenummer 06-045-01

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