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06-082 Tatami Paperyarn Black (Hank)

100% Paper

Nm 3 - 16 mm paper folded.

3,000 m/kg
Grams per hank: about 100 gr.

Colour: Black

This Tatami paper yarn is produced in Europe, the name tatami is Japanese.
A tatami () is a type of mat used on the floor in rooms decorated in traditional Japanese style. Traditionally, the rice straw is used to create the core of the mat. The core is covered by woven straw of soft rush (igusa) or paper yarn like this. Tatami mats are made in standard dimensions, being exactly twice as long as they are wide. The long sides are usually framed in brocade or fabric.

Tatami paper yarn can among other things be used to crochet, knit, woven textiles etc.
9 pcs. in stock.9 pcs. in stock.
text_Product_Weight 100 gr.
Varenummer 06-082 (Fed)

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