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07-001-11 Polyester Shrink Yarn

100% Polyester Nm 19,6 - Dtex 510
19.600 m/kg
Grams per cone: about 3050 gr.

Colour: abricot

With heat treatment from steam (steam ironing is fine) this yarn shrinks violently. The yarn is therefore suitable for double or multi-layer weaving and double knitting, such as projects where one layer will shrink while the other remains stable (for example cotton or linen that are not shrinking yarns).
In weaving it is recommended that the yarn is used only in the warp or only in the weft. If the yarn is used for both then the effect becomes too extreme.
It can be advantageous to dye the work once the piece has been completed. So that the shrinking effect is not lost during the dyeing process.

5 pcs. in stock.5 pcs. in stock.
text_Product_Weight 3050 gr.
Varenummer 07-001-11

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