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17-001-00 Wool Alpaka Ecru

61% Virgin wool 35% Alpaka 4% Polyamid Nm 1,6
600 m/kg
Grams per cone: about 500 gr

Colour: white

This quality yarn consists of polyamide in the core with a wool/alpaca bouclé. It is suitable for dyeing because the white wool/alpaca takes up the dye, while the polyamide retains its colour, so that the yarn develops a melange effect. It is suitable for knitted, woven and crocheted textiles.
Inspiration: Use about 300g for a woman’s knitted sweater, and about 350g for one
for a man.

Handwashing recommended.

10 pcs. in stock.10 pcs. in stock.
text_Product_Weight 560 gr.
Varenummer 17-001-00 (500g)

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