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72-001-12 Polyester Tube Yarn (hanks)

84% Microfibre 16% Exstra-fine merino wool Nm 0,8
800 m/kg
Grams per hank: about 100 gr.

Colour: Black core, Off-white tube

This yarn consists of white extra-fine merino wool, which forms a web around thick black microfibres. The outer layer of wool can be felted,
which can create a fine structural difference between the microfibre and the wool. Ideal for use in woven constructions or in combination with thinner yarns,
which can create exciting structures on a large scale.
This yarn is suitable for knitted and woven textiles. For knitting it can be used on gauges 2.5 – 3.

Wash gently at 30°C with mild soapflakes or detergent.

4 pcs. in stock.4 pcs. in stock.
text_Product_Weight 100 gr.
Varenummer 72-001-12

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